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Yoga means union.  Union of body, mind and spirit.  Yoga is a way of life, an ancient system of practices that ultimately unites one with the Divine.

There are many paths of yoga, however in the West we mostly know of Hatha Yoga, the physical path, which purifies the body and calms the mind by using a combination of postures and breathing practices.

The practice of Yoga has many benefits and you will no doubt notice a few of them after your very first class.  Whether you practice every day or once a week, you will benefit from your Yoga practice on many levels.

Practising Yoga will enhance all aspects of your life. You will feel more flexible in body and mind, and a general sense of well-being will flow into your everyday life. The mind becomes still and a sense of inner peace will help you to cope with life’s challenges and give you a sense of connection(to the universe or whatever you believe).

Based in Braunton, North Devon, I have been practising Yoga since 1998 and qualified as a teacher in 2003. Mostly running my own Yoga classes, (please scroll down for class info) usually teaching between 12 and 20 students per class, I teach a wide variety of people. My students are varying ages and have varying experience so the class is encouraged to work at their own pace and not compete with themselves or others.

I have worked in Morocco on a surf camp, teaching two yoga classes a day and massaging. I also teach yoga and do the seated acupressure massage in an office environment.  I have experience teaching smaller groups and one-to-one sessions, as well as some individual restorative work.

For more information about the style of Yoga that I teach, see my yoga journey.

Yoga will also help with various physical activities such as surfing, climbing, dancing, and anything that requires balance, inner strength and stamina.

There are many surfers who use their yoga practice to keep fit and flexible during the flat spells and to warm up before their surf and to relieve aching backs after a good session in the water, try it and you won’t regret it!

Class info

Classes are on Mondays at 9.30am and Thursdays at 6.00 pm all online via zoom for the time being.  For the month of March 2021 a new yoga nidra class at 7pm on Mondays.

Please email me or call me for more info on 07813 874121.

Classes are held in Braunton.

The classes generally begin with pranayama(breathing practice) which is followed with asana(yoga postures) ending with savasana(relaxation) and then either more pranayama or a short meditation.

I am registered with Yoga Alliance UK.

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