with Jules Templeton


  • "Had a great Chavutti session with Jules. I find this massage really liberating, Ok it is quite intense but as the body relaxes and the energy shifts old patterns do release. I highly recommend Jules and her sensitivity for what you require is held in her space. Not for everyone this massage but for some people I am sure it is quite transforming. Thanks Jules."

    Susan, Massage Therapist

  • "Jules’ Chavutti massage is seriously amazing stuff! You lie on the floor on a heated mat wearing nothing but a modesty towel between your legs and she uses her feet to do these huge long sweeping strokes all the way from your toes to your finger tips! Jules’ feet were 100% made for this! Not one inch of you is left un-massaged. Every time I leave I’m sure I’m at least 4ft taller and have this light but grounded feeling throughout me. It’s hard to stay focussed on what is really happening during the massage, you start lying face down and somehow end up totally ironed out, stretched out, and sat up, floating back to reality. Definitely have the 90 minute option. Excellent post surf!!!!!!! Do not be put off by the modesty towel. In pretty much all other cultures having a nude massage is not weird at all, especially in India where this amazing massage originates from. If you love having massage this is one that needs to be added to your ‘tried’ list! I am always recommending it to people and no one has been disappointed."

    Chloe, Massage Therapist

  • "I am in love with Jules' Chavutti massage! It is the most relaxing and thorough massage I have ever had. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you have not tried it yet, do. Your body will love you for it."

    Alex, Shop owner

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